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Adidas is getting cancelled for its collaboration with anti-semitic Kanye West

Adidas is getting cancelled online for not dropping Kanye West after his anti-semitic comments recently.

Unfortunately for Adidas their founder Adi Dassler was a member of the German Nazi Party. And while the brand could previously state that this belongs to the past, that strategy stops working the MINUTE your main brand profile is openly anti-semitic.

To be fair, Adidas should have acted long before this situation. Kanye West's transformation into an alt-right darling has been going on since at least 2018, with many clues in plain sight.

And since Adidas has been trying to take the position as "more progressive than Nike" - emphasising their sustainability efforts and working with even more progressive profiles – this crisis has been long coming.

I understand that the direct costs of breaking the deal with Kanye are easy to put together in a spreadsheet – the reputational costs of not doing so will be even more extensive, and Adidas would have to pay for MANY years to come.

Even if they act now the brand reputation is already damaged. And it's good to remember that Adidas could have avoided it altogether if 1. they had acted on the data that was in front of them before something like this happened, or 2. had responded faster.