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How to do a digital detox over the summer

The debate gets heated every summer. Should you do a digital detox, or is it unnecessary? No one knows fore sure, but here's how you do it if you want to.

Anna Loverus
Anna Loverus
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How to do a digital detox over the summer
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The debate gets heated every summer. Should you do a digital detox, or is it unnecessary? Are you addicted to your phone and is it bad for you? Is that even a thing? Who can tell? The questions are many; the answers are few.

What I do know is how to do it if you want to.

Your digital detox:

1. Turn off your notifications

Social media is eagerly making sure it reaches you. You will get emails, push notifications, pop-ups in your computer and smoke signals if you don’t turn it all off during your digital detox. You should do it both on your device and in your account to be on the safe side.

2. Change your social media passwords

Change all your social media passwords to make sure you stick to your digital detox plan even when you get an impulse to check your accounts.  Save them temporarily on a piece of paper somewhere safe. Please note: You should never store your passwords on a piece of paper, you should use a password manager (like 1password). But since you want to have your passwords as far away as possible when you do a digital detox, you can use a piece of paper temporarily. Learn more about being safe in social media here.

3. Log out from all your social media accounts

Sign out from all social media accounts, on all devices, with the sign-out functionality during your digital detox – i.e. don’t just close the page in your browser. You should need the password you changed in step 1 to be able to access any social media account.

4. Delete your social media apps

Remove all social media apps from all your devices for your digital detox. Also, remove all shortcuts in your web-browser or any plugins you might use. The idea is both to remove the temptation to log in and make it as much of a hassle as possible to get back in.

5. Go on an adventure

We all have different reasons for a digital detox over the summer. You need to find out what you want to do instead of scrolling through Instagram. When you know, make sure to make a plan and execute.


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