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Last Week Online #25 – Customers don't want AI

Anna Loverus
Anna Loverus
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We are definitely not giving people what they want – according to new research data.

Consumers don't want AI, says research

Consumers don't trust in artificial intelligence and have a hard time understanding the extent to which it can make their interactions with businesses better and more efficient. Despite AI potentially delivering the types of customized, relevant experiences that people ask for, many consumers still aren't sold on the benefits.

A study, conducted by research firm Savanta on behalf of PegaSystems, surveyed 5,000 consumers across the globe on their views around AI, morality, ethical behaviour, and empathy.

Some numbers you might enjoy:

  • Less than one-third felt comfortable with companies using AI to interact with them
  • One-third of all respondents said they were concerned about machines taking their jobs, with 27% also citing the 'rise of the robots and enslavement of humanity' as a concern
  • 69% of respondents agree they would be more inclined, to tell the truth to a human than to an AI system
  • When it comes to making life and death decisions, an overwhelming 86% of people said they trust humans more than AI
  • Only 12% of consumers agreed that AI could tell the difference between good and evil
  • 56% of customers don't believe it is possible to develop machines that behave morally.

Google Cloud set to acquire data analytics company Looker for $2.6B

Google made a big splash this week, purchasing the hot analytics startup Looker, paying $2.6 billion. Looker has 1,600 customers and passed the $100 million revenue run rate at the end of last year – a significant milestone for any enterprise SaaS company. Also, the company is growing 70 per cent year over year, with no indication of declining growth in the near future.

Google's idea is to integrate Looker to Google Cloud, and the two companies are bringing together a complete data analytics solution for customers. "The combination provides an end-to-end analytics platform to connect, collect, analyze and visualize data across Google Cloud, Azure, AWS, on-premises databases and ISV applications," explained Thomas Kurian, Senior Vice President of Google Cloud at a media event.

The acquisition is a big deal for Google Cloud, as Google tries to beef up its market share competing against AWS. However, Looker has always had a multi-cloud approach, allowing users to integrate any technology into the platform – and according to Kurian; this approach will continue.

The consumer is changing, but not in the way you think it is

Many retail technology providers claim that consumers crave personalization. However, in a new study from Deloitte, personalized shopping experience is last on a relatively long list of factors that consumers consider when choosing a retailer.

A survey of over 4,000 U.S. adults explores nuanced demographic variables and shifts among consumers of various generational, ethnic and income categories. The shopping population is more diverse than ever, but the study fails to capture some simple and widely repeated generalizations adequately - such as e-commerce and mobile commerce are killing traditional retail.

Price, product availability and convenience are on top of the list. Deloitte says, "often-noted attributes of the modern consumer like core values and personalized experiences ranked lowest among their priorities." However, the company does say that these considerations have grown in importance over time, but they're not critical or fundamental to purchase decision-making.

Tool of the week: Drift

Drift is a tool for "conversational marketing", trying to make email smarter and take chatbots to the next level. The idea is to make it easy for you to connect with the people on your site so that you can answer their questions in real-time, convert more leads, and close more deals.

Reading the paragraph above might not give you goosebumps. It sounds a bit like any other service. However, the results I've seen have been far from ordinary – one company I know got 37 meetings scheduled in less than a week, without changing anything else than implementing Drift's platform.

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