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Last Week Online #3 – Five predictions for the upcoming year

Anna Loverus
Anna Loverus
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You always think holidays would be a bit slow online – it never is.

Instagram accidentally changed everyone's feed design for 17 minutes

A small test of a horizontal feed design with no vertical scrolling (similar to the Instagram Stories feed) went live for all users this week.

Instagram tested design changes in this direction internally in October and with most photos now being shared on Instagram Stories, looking over the original design makes sense.

However, the changes sparked an extensive debate among users. And Adam Mosseri, Head of Instagram, clarified that the update was more of a broad test that reached more users than expected. But naturally, rumours now claim they pulled back the update because of the massive complaints from users during the 17 minutes it was live.

5 predictions for the upcoming year

Are you prepared for 2019? Five trends you should know about is:

  1. The importance of first-party data will increase. Since we collect, store, process, analyse and use an increasing amount of data to communicate with customers, data management platforms like CDPs become increasingly important. However, relying on third and second party data about your customers is starting to become a risk, and in 2019 we will see more investment in learning about them first hand.
  2. A larger share of your clients will quit social media in 2019 than ever before. The discussion about privacy will increase, and we will see more federal laws as well as consumer activism to change the status quo.
  3. Mobile is getting much faster as 5G starts to become available. This change will significantly impact adtech and mean we should expect larger volumes of data and new ad mediums and creative approaches.
  4. Personalisation will be AI-powered, and the demand will increase. Surveys show that younger consumers are more receptive to advertising that is not only personalised, but that reflects their sense of style. Additionally, both Millennials and Gen Z shoppers don't mind to give away personal information, as long as they receive experiences that they consider valuable in return.
  5. Last click attribution will extend to including the complete customer journey. It’s no longer only the final click before a sell that is of interest when understanding how to keep customers engaged.

IAB has created a standard to measure podcasts

Advertisers and platforms can now get a certification that says they are compliant with IAB guidelines. The certification establishes a standard set of ad metrics for podcasts on downloads, listeners and ad delivery.

Podcasting has had an exponential growth in the last couple of years, and 2017 revenue reached $314 million. But for marketers to adequately analyse and optimise the ads they are, there’s been a need for server-side standard metrics and measurements. This is what IAB has now put in place.

Tool of the week: PixelMe

PixelMe is a URL-shortener that comes both with simple built-in UTM-tagging but most of all, with retargeting possibilities added to every single link you create. The short link collects enough info about the person who clicks for you to be able to retarget them on any platform. (You should make sure you use this tool in a way that goes with GDPR though.)

Additionally, they've realised that the process of UTM-tagging is a hassle for many marketers today, and after tagging, you often want to shorten the links to look nice. Pixelme has created a way to make this process much more straightforward and reduced the risk of beginner errors.

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