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Last Week Online #4 – Martech will dominate 2019

Anna Loverus
Anna Loverus
2 min read

2019 will likely be an exciting year for marketing technology, marketing analytics and marketing science. It has already started with a bang - hopefully, you're ready for a ride.

Cision buys

The public relations and earned media coverage company Cision bought the Danish social media marketing platform last week. This means Cision can now offer their clients social publishing, engagement, analytics and audience development for social media on top of their existing social listening capabilities. Cision also provides pitch targeting and relationship management for media publications and a press release service.

With the purchase, Cision is trying to position itself as the platform for earned media marketing, a space that - according to their CEO - has been left open because other major marketing clouds, like Adobe or Oracle, focus primarily on owned and paid media.

The Customer Data Platforms are going strong

Many marketers are looking to get a single view of their customers. This creates a need for customer data platforms (CDPs) - i.e. tools that collect and store all your customer data. The sector is (according to the CDP Institute’s latest report) growing steadily and continuously evolving with new features.

The study found a growth rate of 23% over the last six months across employment, vendors and funding. That corresponds to about 15 new vendors, 1,256 new employees and additional funding of $317 million. The newly founded startups are smaller, less funded and distributed across the categories of access, analytics and campaign management.

Swedish CMOs list their most significant problems going into 2019

When Swedish publisher Resumé asked distinguished CMOs about the what they find hardest with their jobs and the difficulties they saw ahead, some trends could be identified.

First, balance is hard - and most CMOs today need to balance what media channels they buy, how much of content production that's made in-house versus by an agency, and short-term sales versus long-term strategy.

Second, customer data is not low hanging fruit. Most organisations are trying to figure out how to use it, how to make their customers don't mind about them using it, and how to go from data to insight to decisions.

Third, it's still hard to organise and manage marketing. Every so often CMOs fight organisation silos and lack of mandate. With the tech landscape moving faster, navigating it becomes harder and so does making sure your employees have the right skills.

Tool of the week:

Have you ever wanted to contact someone by e-mail instead of via LinkedIn without knowing the correct address? Hunter is a neat (and perhaps scary) little tool that collects e-mail addresses and makes them searchable. So, if you know the correct e-mail address domain (for instance or you can most of the time find the full address with's search engine.

Sure, it might feel like an invasion of privacy, but every single email address collect and distribute in their Domain Search have a public source that they disclaim, along with its discovery dates. So, they've just done the stalking for you.

And well, it comes in handy very often.

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