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Data skills

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Magic spreadsheet formulas all marketers should know

With digital marketing becoming more and more data-driven, there are some basic spreadsheet formulas for marketers that you should definitely make sure you know.

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How to prepare data for analysis with simple tools

To prepare data for analysis is the first step in any data analysis project. Here are all the tools you need if you are a beginner trying to get started.

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13 common data mistakes you should learn to avoid

You might have heard most of these data mistakes before. Maybe you nodded in assent when someone claimed one of them must be involved, even though you had no clue what it meant. If that's the case, this text is for you.

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Five Simple Skills You Need to Instantly Become More Data-Driven

With marketing moving towards being more data-driven, we all need to update our skillsets if we want to stay on top. Being a math geek, I've listed five simple skills I think you should learn to get started.

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My tools for Digital Marketing – Data Processing and Data Analysis

Do you need technology to do marketing? While that previously wasn't the case, marketing is becoming more and more about technology. And you will soon be left behind if you don’t add some technology skills to your personal toolkit.