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Anna Loverus

Hi, I'm Anna.

I spend a lot of time thinking about what's going on in the world and how things are changing. And I help people and businesses use data and technology to navigate the uncertainty.

Based in Stockholm (but soon Berlin), I am the CEO and founder of Better Odds a niche agency helping businesses understand risks, plan responses and scenarios, and communicate strategically – when stakes are high. Before that, I worked for H&M and Spotify.

Every week, I send an email newsletter with things that has caught my eye – and give context and analysis. 300+ people are already signed up, do you want a copy in your inbox?

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A future with Better Odds

Today, I'm launching Better Odds – a niche agency focused on helping global businesses successfully navigate uncertainty.

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How to avoid a media circus when you party with your friends

Everyone should be able to show off their dance moves at a private party. I'm fully aware that double standards are affecting female leaders, and that the media campaign against Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin looks a lot like a Russian-backed information operation. Still, I assume many business leaders or

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Last Week Online #66 – Internet effects of the war in Ukraine

Ukrainian President Zelensky utilises the impact of Social Media when he needs to fight Russia in a war no one wants. RT and Sputnik banned from broadcasting within the EU The European Union has banned state-owned Russian news outlets Russia Today and Sputnik from broadcasting within the EU. This was

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Last Week Online #65 – Mixed signals from Russia

Russia committed extensive cyberattacks against Ukraine and United States, while claiming to withdraw its military forces. State-backed Russian hackers behind two major cyber attacks According to newly declassified US intelligence, Russian government hackers have likely obtained access to Ukrainian military, energy, and other critical computer networks. The purpose of accessing