Hi, I'm Anna.

I spend a lot of time thinking about what's happening in the world and how things are changing. And I help people and businesses use data and technology to navigate and manage risk, crisis and uncertainty.

Sharing my time between Stockholm and Berlin, I am the CEO and founder of Better Odds, a niche agency helping businesses understand risks, plan responses and scenarios, and communicate strategically – when stakes are high. Before that, I worked for H&M and Spotify.

I focus on helping people and businesses use data and technology to reach their goals. I believe that human intuition and data analytics are equally important when building organisations — and changing the world.

When I'm at my best?

  • Strategy development and execution

  • Leadership in digital and complex environments

  • Scenario planning and analysis

  • Crisis management and communication

  • Audience development and growth

When I don't work ...

I'm the happiest when I get to move - running, biking, swimming, yoga, gym -  and most recently: surfing. So, now I'll be hunting waves.

Also, I'm a bit nerdy when it comes to wine, and I love to travel – by train.

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Anna Loverus
Hi, I'm Anna. I'm the CEO and founder of Better Odds, a strategy and communications agency focused on helping businesses turn global uncertainty into a competitive advantage.